Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (2012)

So I went to the cinemas for the first time in a while to watch IT (this was at the end of September), and I saw the Dior ad with Natalie Portman. All was well until the last line in the ad: “Miss Dior, the new eau de parfum, Dior”.

My reaction: HOLY SHIT, WHAT!??

In the words of Kathleenlights, there are two types of people in this world. One is a person who wear just one, signature scent all the time and then there are those who collect perfume or alternate between different perfumes.

I am the former, and once I have found something I love, something that I’ve sort of regarded as my signature/my usual, it’s hard for me to change. I hate change.

Miss Dior (the old version) is the first perfume I bought for myself, the first scent that I feel is “me”. To me it smells strong but not overwhelming, a bit sweet with the floral notes and feels like a confident, classy modern young woman scent. I felt that it suits me perfectly as I can get easily nauseated by scents that are too strong, too sweet, too sexy, etc and Miss Dior (2012) strikes the perfect balance for me.

I first bought it in 2014 when I was in London and have been using the same 100ml bottle up until today. The scent has changed a bit since I have put it under the hot  sun before, but I still love how it smells. It lasts a really long time on me as well, I never need to retouch my perfume. Only one to two spritzes are enough. Plus my Soap & Glory soap complements the scent well.

And so I was utterly disappointed when I heard Dior reformulated the Miss Dior EDP and the scent is completely different. I searched high and low for the old one but it was discontinued right after the new one was launched!!

A stroke of good luck came when I was at the airport leaving for Sydney, and I stopped by Eraman. The 2012 Miss Dior EDP was still available!!! I immediately bought one since there was a 10% discount. Should’ve waited because my sister, who works with Malaysia Airports, can get a staff discount of 20%!! Darn. I thought the staff discount was only 10% so it would be the same if I bought it later since that was the last day of sale. Oh well. Later I had her buy me a backup for my backup.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


I’m glad I have at least a decade’s supply of my signature scent. I hope by the time this runs out, I’d have found another signature scent…

Here’s the list of notes for this perfume on Fragrantica.

And here’s a review of its scent, which describes it as fragrance as a woman who’s “very sophisticated, very mature for her age; somebody who conveys themselves with professionalism”. Even though I’m not all this lol but I want to identify myself with these qualities, at least.

And I agree with this review that this scent is suitable for a wide variety of scenarios, be it a work event, a day outing and even a night/evening date. I love it. I hope Dior will bring this back one day (hopefully before mine runs out).




Nyx Flagship Store @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Yeah they opened like 3 months ago this post is so overdue what’s new?

I was so excited to have Nyx open at a mall so near to my home! IOI City Mall is like a makeup playground now, with Sephora, Urban Decay, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Sasa etc all on one floor. Now all we need is NARS…

So, the store itself is huge, with two sides of the wall separated into different sections: Face, Eyes, Lips. The amount of lipsticks on display is overwhelming I tell you. It’s a wonderland. I don’t have photos because obviously I was already too lost in the wonderland.

The products are up-to-date; even the 12 new shades of the Lip Lingerie are in stock, which is amazing because I don’t have to rely on personal shoppers on Instagram/Carousell to order from the States and pay like RM45 and wait 3 weeks to get them. However, some products are still not available, like the Angel Veil primer (should already be in store since the SA said it would come in in July) and the single eyeshadow pans, which I saw in the Nyx counter in Boots London.

The price range is very affordable, thank god they still maintain drugstore prices for the products despite being imported. The Soft Matte Lip Cream retails for RM33, Lip Lingerie is RM35, the rest are around the same price. Eyeshadow palettes go for around RM80 I think.

So, on to my haul.


I bought two new shades of the Lip Lingerie: Seduction and Cabaret Show, and the Retractable Lip Liner in Natural.


Seduction is now my current favourite lippie to wear; it’s such a nice shade! I’d describe it as a terracotta nude. It definitely leans more towards the warm, brown/peachy side but with a bit of pink. It’s perfect for my skin tone. Here’s a comparison swatch with The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Trustworthy, which is darker and a bit more red.


Wow the shades come out quite differently in photos haha. They’re warmer than in the photos.

Cabaret Show is a dusty rose. It comes off as a dark nude on me though. I love the Lip Lingerie because it’s pretty comfortable to wear and is long-lasting. It has a moussy texture, which makes application neat and easy. What I don’t like is that there’s kind of a chemical smell to it (only noticeable when applying).

Okay, on to the lip liner. Two words: IT SUCKS. The shade is nice and I thought it could be used to underneath my lipsticks to make them lighter but holy crap man, this breaks like nobody’s business. Every single time I want to apply it, it breaks. It’s so fragile. The reason my swatch is that intense is because I rubbed all of the bit that broke off. It’s RM25 but still, if it breaks that means I’m just losing money. I bought the slim lip pencil but haven’t tried that yet.

Next, I bought two concealers.


I don’t actually need two concealers but they were cheap so why not haha.

Top: Full Coverage Concealer in Fair. Bottom: Dark Circle Concealer in Light.

I quite like the Dark Circle Concealer. It’s not a full coverage, eyebag-reducing, dark circle-vanishing concealer, which is what I like about it. I don’t like the white, completely concealed undereye so I like this because it’s buildable and looks natural. I just dab it with my fingers and voila! I do set it since it’s very dewy.

If I want to add more coverage, I’d top it with the full coverage concealer (which is not really full coverage but it’s alright). I use the FCC to cover any blemishes and red spots as well. They don’t really do what they claim they do but they do enough for me. For like RM30-35 a pot it’s pretty good.

I also bought a backup of my SMLC in Rome. Haha.

It’s so convenient having a Nyx store cos that means we no longer have to rely on the tiny Nyx counter in Sephora where everything is out of stock. Heh.

Next, I plan to purchase the Suede Liners, which look really good but the shades I want were out of stock.

New ColourPop Pressed Eyeshadows

Say hello to my new babies:

L-R: Wake Up Call, Bel Air, Note To Self, Popular Demand

Got my hands on these new Colourpop pressed eyeshadows a couple of days ago. I have tried it once, and it seems really good. They show up well on my skin, even the lightest shades.

So far I like em, but I have to play around with them a bit more. I know, I chose boring colours, but I rarely wear eyeshadows, and when I do, I only wear neutral/warm shades.

But, I have several similar shades to these…



They are similar but not quite the same.

Makeup Geek’s Cocoa Bear and Bitten are darker, deeper versions of Note To Self and Popular Demand. Note to Self is warmer than Cocoa Bear, which is more brown. I think it’s close to Colourpop’s Top Notch, which is why I didn’t get the latter. Bitten also has more red than Popular Demand.

Top-Bottom: CP Note To Self, MUG Cocoa Bear, CP Popular Demand, MUG Bitten

Bel Air is similar to the shade Jetsetter in the Tartelette in Bloom palette, onlya tad bit cooler and lighter. Wake Up Call is slightly similar to Flower Child, also in the palette, but the former has a bit more brown while the latter is pinker.

L-R: CP Bel Air, Jetsetter, CP Wake Up Call, Flower Child

The CP shadows swatch really well, they’re smooth and silky and on the eyes, they’re pigmented and easy to blend — but, I have to play with them a bit more to really review them.

For 5 bucks a pop, it’s pretty good. I’d say it’s on par to MUG shadows, which are 6 dollars apiece (but for 1.8g compared to CP’s 1.0g).

If you want more product, then go with MUG. They also have more shade selection, but I’m sure Colourpop will match it sooner rather than latter. But if you’d rather save the 1 dollar and get more shades instead, then go with Colourpop. For every 4 pans bought, you’d get a palette box as above (not sure this is forever or what).

P.S. I pre-ordered my Colourpop shadows from a seller on Carousell, got them within 2 weeks. I got 4 shadows for RM95, excluding postage fees. Colourpop offers free shipping for orders over 50 USD.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me

Appreciation post for my favourite shower gel of all time:


I first heard of Soap & Glory in maybe 2012 or 2013 when I went to Sephora Malaysia. Back then, this 500ml shower gel was RM36, and when my friend was asking my opinion on which scent smelled the best, I thought, “HOLY CRAP that’s one hella expensive soap”, and “why would I buy this when I can buy RM5 soap and it does the same thing!?”.

Fast forward to 1-2 years later when I was living in London and bought a trial size of this soap thanks to Boots 3 for 2 on travel-sized toiletries. I first used it on my trip to Berlin and and I fell in love. Not at first scent, but at the scent that lingered even when I went to bed. I didn’t wear any deodorant that day (TMI?) because the one I brought turned out to be expired, but I didn’t even need to! The scent lingered on my skin, and was even stuck on my clothes. I didn’t shower that night (because it was winter okay), and when I went to shower the next morning I still smelled it on my skin. Probably because I didn’t sweat, but still.

Even in sunny, scorching hot Malaysia, this does well. I would still smell it when I take my wudhu’ for Asar prayer. If it’s not that hot, the scent would linger until I took a shower that night. And if I took a shower before going to bed, my clothes would smell of it too.

Ah, magic! I never thought a soap could be capable of this! Well maybe not a mere soap, but a 36 (now 56) ringgit soap could.

Yes, it’s RM56 now at Sephora. And yes, that’s HELLA expensive for a soap. I am a wise spender so I admit that. But IT IS SO WORTH IT. Why?


  • The scent lasts all day (or a VERY long time)
  • A little goes a long way (the formula is thick so you need only use a little each time)
  • It smells incredible
  • Because of point #2, the 500ml bottle also lasts a long time



This is my third bottle since I started using it in 2014. Hell yeah. 1 bottle lasts me a good year. This one, I’ve been using since October 2015. Fine, I might not shower as much as I’m supposed to but I still shower plenty. Plus I also use this one to refill several travel-sized ones (one at my best friend’s house, another for one I’m travelling). My sister also steals my soap when she comes over (and she uses a crap ton of it cos I can smell it from another galaxy).

So if you divide RM56 (I think it was RM51 when I bought this. UPDATE: It’s still RM51) by 12 months, it means you’d spend less than RM5 a month for this. I don’t remember how long a RM5 bar soap lasts, but probably also about a month and the scent lasts 5 seconds after you step out of the shower.

If that’s not good value, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I’m a little worried right now cos this particular scent of Soap & Glory shower gel is not in stock anywhere! I checked 5 Sephora stores, and NADA. WHAT IS HAPPENING. WHERE ARE ALL THE CLEAN ON MEs? I’ve never used another soap since 2014 ://///

UPDATE 4/5/2017: Sephora has been restocking this regularly again. And today the shelves were fully stacked with them.

I am partial to this scent cos I don’t like change but y’all can go try other scents and leave the Clean On Mes to ME. Thank you and you’re welcome.

It’s times like this that I wish I’m still living in the UK, where I can get 3 of it for 13 quid!

P.S. In the pictures, I was trying out Butter London nail polish in Full Steam Ahead.


London Makeup Haul 2016

Last October, I went to the UK on a solo trip, simply because I miss London too much (and I had the time & money). Naturally, I bought some makeup (and I wish I bought more).

I’ll separate my hauls into two: makeup and skincare/general beauty since I haven’t even taken a photo of my skincare products I don’t want the post to be too long.

So, I present:

eyeshadows, liquid lippies, eyebrow mascara, highlighter, blusher, loose powder…

The most expensive of them all is…


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Trendsetter at £18. I got this at the Harrods counter (I still get lost in here even after coming so many times). The first trip to Harrods this time, I merely swatched it and decided, meh, I have tons of shades like this. So I didn’t buy it. On my last freakin’ day in London, though, I suddenly had the urge to get this, since it’s so hard to get in Malaysia and even then, it’s so expensive at RM120++. At that time, the conversion rate gave me RM95-ish so it was still okay. Cheaper than Kat von D in Sephora MY at RM99.

I went to some lengths to get this since I was rushing to get to the airport. What with the evening rush hour, I made it to the airport just in time to check in my baggage! Phew. FOR THIS.

AND IT’S WORTH IT. The first time I wore it was before my flight to Tokyo. I applied it at maybe 10:30-11AM, and it lasted almost 24 hours through a KFC chicken and burger, in-flight nasi lemak, drinks, sleeping at the airport, washing my face and brushing my teeth!

I didn’t even realise it was still on my lips because it was honestly that comfortable to wear. I only noticed it when I looked in the mirror. So, brava! The colour is a warm nude-ish brown with a tiny bit of peach. I love it! Definitely worth a try.

I finally got my hands on some Makeup Geek products off Beauty Bay


Contour powder pan in Infidelity (cool fair), single eyeshadows (Bitten, Cocoa Bear), foiled eyeshadow (Grandstand) and blush compact in Puppy Love (this is real love). The tiny eyeshadow in the middle is Nyx single eyeshadow in Sin (I think).

I haven’t tried the contour powder properly yet, but I like that it’s cool-toned because my The Balm Bahama Mama can look a bit too warm sometimes. On Beauty Bay, it is £8.50 (but has now been upped to £9.25).

The regular eyeshadows were £5.50 each, and are now £6 a pop on BB. In comparison, the Nyx eyeshadow is £2.50 a pop, albeit smaller in size.

Now, I have fallen completely in love with the blush compact in Puppy Love. The colour is exactly as how I imagined it – it is described as a rose brown with a matte finish on the website. It’s recommended for medium skin tone but, I think I am fairer than medium and it is gorgeousss. It is hella pigmented; all I need is a soft tap on the blush and I’m good to go. It looks natural on my skin tone and blends really well. The packaging is also amazing! So sleek and posh with the magnetic closure, and this is good on-the-go as well since the compact is small and sturdy. MAJOR LOVE.

I got it for £12.95, but is now £14.25 (the price increase is quite high…).

Haven’t tried the eyeshadows yet, but I’ll do a review on all MUG products later! I did try the Nyx one on my inner corner and oh my god, it is soooo pigmented! So soft and buttery, I’m regretting not buying more! I got it at the amazing Nyx counter at Boot’s next to HMV on Oxford St. Seriously, you have to go there. The Nyx counter is like a playground for makeup junkies. I forgot to take a photo of it…


The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Trustworthy for £13.50 at Debenhams – love this colour! My fave out of the other Meet Matt(e)s I have (Charming, Sincere, Adoring). It’s like an orangey brown colour – so nice on the lips and complements my NC25-30 skin tone well.


Okay, the colour is not really accurate in this photo. The colour is basically this colour, but deeper. The photo looks a bit nude.

The last lippie I got is the Nyx Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken. It’s a mauve shade that’s really quite nice but I don’t know, I’ve been into warmer colours lately so I’m not that excited about it.


  1. RCMA No-Color Powder for £9.95 from Guru Makeup Emporium at High St Kensington, a few rows away from My Old Dutch. I never noticed it before! Maybe cos back when I lived in London I wasn’t into makeup like I am now…
  2. L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper , £5.99 at Superdrug/Boots – I was looking for the Brow Stylist Plumper but I guess this is the UK version cos it pretty much looks the same. The brush is a bit large for my brows though. I’m still practicing so I’m a bit slow and I use a light hand for natural-looking brows.
  3. Makeup Revolution Radiant Light in Breathe, £3 at Superdrug – LOVE THIS HIGHLIGHTERRRR. In the compact it looks kind of matte, but on the skin it gives a really nice natural sheen. The Mary-Lou Manizer is a more shimmery golden highlighter, which sometimes I find to be too much for work. So this Radiant Light highlighter is my go-to everyday highlight. It’s sooo pretty. It leans towards the pinky champagne shade, and when mixed with Mary-Lou, the resulting shade is rosy golden that’s just stunning!
  4. Morphe Brushes – M141 contour brush and MB23 round blender brush
  5. DISAPPOINTING – Zoeva Classic Brush Holder from BB. They didn’t deliver this item and I had already left the UK. Will do a separate post on this.

So that’s all for my makeup haul! Sorry I didn’t swatch anything… This post is already too long so I’ll do some swatch posts along with reviews soon..ish. A plus tard!

Favourite Everyday Nudes

When going out to work or for simple things like running an errand, I’d generally go for nude lips.

My absolute two favourites are:

MAC matte lipstick in Taupe and Nars pure matte lipstick in Tonkin.

I alternate between these two because they’re different kinds of nude – Taupe is warmer, Tonkin is a bit cooler, sort of.

I like that both of them have some brown in it because I think brown-toned lippies complement me best.

Taupe is described as a reddish-taupe brown while Tonkin is described as a cinnamon plum shade.

On my lips, Taupe looks like a muted peachy brown and Tonkin looks like a pinky brown with a bit of mauve.

Mac Persistence is a slight bit darker than Taupe, but other than that, they’re dead similar. I could only tell a difference when swatched but not the lips.

Swatches: L-Tonkin, R-Taupe

As you can probably tell, Nars’ pure matte is more matte, and if you’re familiar with Mac’s formula you’d know it’s more of a creamy matte.

So, naturally, Tonkin lasts longer and transfers much less than Taupe.

Wearing Taupe

Wearing Tonkin. This looks funny because I basically just cropped the rest of it but my face 😂

What kills me is that both of these lipsticks are high-end, and therefore expensive. Nars pure matte retails for RM94/SGD38/USD28 for 2g (!!) while Mac is RM74/USD17 for 3g.

These two are the first lip products I ever bought for each brand.

My first nude lipstick was Revlon matte lipstick in Mauve it Over, which people say is a dupe for Mac Velvet Teddy. It was the only nude lipstick I knew and was willing to pay for but I find that it’s too light and pinky for my liking.

Another nude-ish lippie I wear is Tarte Lippie Lingerie matte lip tint in Pure, which is a creamy matte but doesn’t last AT ALL and I will never repurchase (jokes on me as it did say ‘lip tint’. The shade pure is a mauve. I only wear this when I’m going out for less than half an hour. Haha.

Comparison swatch:

L-R: Mauve It Over, Tonkin, Taupe, Pure

Nars Tonkin and Mac Taupe hold my top 2 positions for favourite everyday nude I can’t live without!

My makeup bag

What’s in my makeup bag?

Since I started delving into the world of makeup, I’ve been carrying makeup wherever I go. Just a few essentials that I use to touch up or put on if the need arise.

My makeup bag is from Victoria’s Secret. I don’t usually fancy their designs but this lacy one looks kinda classy. I opted for the smaller sized one as I don’t usually carry a big bag, so it fits nicely.

Top L-R: Stila waterproof eyeliner in Gilded, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Sepia Ink + mini brush, Mary Lou Manizer, Garnier pressed powder, Tarte lippie lingerie matte lip tint in Pure, Benefit Roller Lash, Sleek blush brush, The Balm BalmShelter tinted moisturiser in Light/Medium

Middle L-R: Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser spf20 in Sand, Benefit Porefessional, Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed, Bobbi Brown blush in 18 Desert Pink, Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips, Shu Uemura eyelash curler

Bottom: MAC lip pencil in Whirl, Crazy Rumors lip balm in Black Cherry, Revlon Matte lipstick in Seductive Sienna, The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Sincere, NARS pure matte lipstick in Tonkin, Miss Dior EDP

What I use the most: 

  1. The Balm BalmShelter Tinted Moisturiser

This is my holy grail product. If I’m going out just to run errands or go grocery shopping or something, I’ll just put this on and I’m good to go. It has spf18 so that’s good enough. I like how it’s very light on the skin, doesn’t make my skin feel sticky or oily and it gives off a subtle radiant glow. I have normal skin so it works perfectly on me. My friend who has oily skin says this makes her skin more oily.

2. Bobbi Brown blush in Desert Pink

This is the first blush I ever bought. I’m pretty sure it’s expired now cos it’s been like 4 years haha but who cares, it’s bloody expensive so I’m gonna wear it till I run out. I’ve just hit pan on it. When I purchased it, it was RM80+, and for 3.7 grams of product with no mirror, I don’t think it’s worth the money at all. But, I loveee how it gives a natural flushed look on my cheeks and it’s easy to blend. When swatched, it may not come off as pigmented, but the colour pay-off on the skin is good. I bought a backup from Carousell at RM40, so I’m good. Haha. The colour is matte, natural cool-toned pink, perfect for my NC25-NC30 skin.

3. NARS pure matte lipstick in Tonkin

This might be the most expensive lipstick I ever bought. Sigh. I almost didn’t want to buy it. But the colour, oh, I just couldn’t resist. This is my perfect everyday nude shade. Just the right balance of pink, brown and with a tiny touch of mauve. On the Sephora website, it is described as cinnamon plum. I also use this a lot as a base to mix with other lip colours, my favourite being Revlon matte lipstick in Seductive Sienna, which makes it a bit more rosy. I bought this for SGD38 at Sephora Singapore because I can’t find this shade anywhere in NARS KL. In KL it is RM94.

4. Benefit Roller Lash

I don’t wear mascara as often as I wear the 3 products above, but this is the only mascara I wear. I love how it holds my curl (no lash curlers work like Shu Uemura does) and separates my lashes.

Notable mentions:

Tarte amazonian clay blush in Exposed

This is a recent purchase. I’ve been looking for an alternative to my BB blush and I found this to be close. It leans more towards the brownish spectrum, but still looks natural on my skin. In pictures, it looks darker though. It retails at Sephora MY for RM122 and, which is about the same price as Bobbi Brown blushes now, I think, so that makes this more value-for-money cos you get a nice packaging with a mirror and there’s more than twice the amount of product.

Liquid Lipstick

The one in the picture is The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charming, but this changes according to what I’m wearing that day. There was a phase where I brought Nyx soft matte lip cream in Cannes and Abu Dhabi (I love them mixed) all the time, then another phase where I brough Manny MUA x Ofra in Charmed and Colourpop USL in Frick n Frack, so it really depends. Right now I have the two Lip Lingeries in my makeup bag.

Things I don’t really use and could do without

If I have put on mascara before I leave the house, I’d leave the eyelash curler. I would also usually leave my pressed powder if I have put on my tinted moisturiser. I very rarely wear eyeliner too -____-

Stila eyeliner in Gilded is something I only wear for occasions so I could probably leave it on my table.

Next post would probably be my lipstick collection because I’m obsessed with them.

So what’s in your makeup bag? ;)